Trade Show Truss Rentals

PopUp Tradeshow Display

Trade Show PopUp Backdrop

10' PopUp Starting at $1199

Aluminum Truss Rentals

Clazzio Trade Show Truss System

Do you have a big Tradeshow coming up? Don't want to buy an expensive display? Remember... IMAGE IS EVERYTHING, and ProphaseDesign is here to help! We are now offering Rentals on Aluminum tradeshow truss systems. The Truss system is designed to fit inside a 10' x 10' or a 10' x 20' standard tradeshow booth.

We handle all the SetUp / TakeDown for you so you don't have to worry about anything!

1-2 Day rental:
10X10 - $349
10X20 - $499

3-5 Day Rental:
10X10 - $549
10X20 - $699

Call us now to schedule for your next show! 801-589-4948

Includes 4 Super Bright LED Lights that can be abt color, Fade Colors, or Strobe etc.

Obviously, ProphaseDesign can also print your Banners, Cards, Fliers, Signs and more for your show!

Clazzio Trade Show Truss System